Trinidad Sanchez, Jr.
June 15, 1943 - July 30, 2006

Trinidad was a native of Pontiac, Michigan and was the
ninth of ten children born to poet Trinidad V. Sánchez and
Sofia Sánchez.

His poetry bestseller,
Why Am I So Brown? (MARCH/Abrazo
Press) is in its sixth printing!

In 1995, Trinidad was the winner of the
Albuquerque Poetry
Slam Competition
and went on to the National Poetry Slam
the same year. His anti-gun, anti-crime poem
Let Us Stop
the Madness
was selected as one of the winning poems of
the People's Choice Competition.
Sanchez has also been featured at the Austin International Poetry Festival, Houston Poetry
Festival, Beyond Baroque Literary Center, The First Nezahualcoyotl Poetry Festival at The
Fine Arts Center, The Detroit Institute of ArtsLine Series (Detroit, Michigan) and many
other venues in the past decade.

He has also performed and lectured at various colleges including Wayne State University,
University of Wisconsin, Madison, Cal Poly Tech and Bowling Green University. Trinidad has
been recognized for his activism on behalf on prison inmates and his involvement in social
issues with the Rev. Dr. Martin Luther King, Jr.
Keep the Dream Alive Award.

He was in the Artist in Education Program for the San Antonio School District, part of the
ArtsReach Program of the San Antonio Department of Art and Culture and the Texas Literary
Touring Program of the Austin Writer's League.

Trinidad has published three collections of poetry:

Books by Trinidad Sanchez, Jr.:

Why Am I So Brown? (MARCH/Abrazo Press, 1991)
Poems by Father and Son (Pecan Grove Press, 1996)
Jalapeño Blues (Floricanto Press, 2006)

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