and brought her notoriety to the point
the students and faculty later included
her on a mural of “Influential
Hispanicsof the South Side
Community” in the high school
auditorium. The next two chapbooks
served as notice to any future ex’s to
not get on her bad side, because you
never know what may end up in print.

Never one to seek the approval of
others, Tanya rarely submits poetry to
publications and prefers to put out her
work on her own terms. Despite these
hang-ups, she does have a few credits
under her belt, including being
published three times in the
International Poetry Festival Anthology

(1999, 2005 and 2006),
(2000) and In Our Own Words
(2000). She also won an award for
Best Adult Poetry, Third Place (2005)
at the
Forrest Fest Poetry Festival,
held in Lamesa, Texas.

Her most recent chapbook,
This Noose
Hangs Empty
, is available now.

She is currently at work on herself and
her next collection of poetry.
Poems published by T. Keyser:

Très di-verse-city (1999) read it here
In Our Own Words (2000) read it here
Lummox Journal (2000) read it here
di-vêrsé-city (2005) read it here
di-vêrsé-city (2006) read it here

Awards won by T. Keyser:

Forrest Fest (2005) read it here

Books by T. Keyser:

Live Thru This (1995) - out of print excerpt
(1995) - out of print
Serendipity (1996) - out of print excerpt
Bodhichitta (1999) excerpt
This Noose Hangs Empty (2004) excerpt